Frequently Asked Questions

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How simple is the software to use?

Our CNC machines are renowned for simplicity of the software. Using any of the pre-loaded flexi shapes or by loading a DXF file through one of the USB ports, you can quickly get cutting underway. The CNC system has full plasma height sense integration, in built generic flexi shapes library, DXF, Gcode and Word address shape input as well as full array nesting and complex nesting capabilities.

What Computer will I require?

All of our machines come with a console equipped with a computer that has pre-installed software.

Are there any software packages included?

Our machines come with both a CAD and CAM program installed: CAD – Draftsight, CAM – SheetCam.

What Powersource does your table work with?

All of our tables are sold with the option of a Hypertherm Powermax mechanised machine system.

What thickness of material do your tables cut?

The Powersource that is used will determine the thickness of material that can be cut. For more information, please contact us.

Where are your tables built?

All of our machines are UK manufactured and built in-house at our purpose-built factory.

What warranty comes with the table?

All of our machines come with a 12-month extendable warranty.

What are the electrical requirements?

Electrical supplies to feed our machines are a standard 220-240v 10A single phase with 3-pin plug or a blue industrial style for the control console.

Do the tables have Digital Height Sense Control?

All of our machines have digital height sense control enhancing the quality of the cut.

What does IHS mean?

The IHS function (Initial Height Sense) is how the machine detects the plate and sets the pierce height prior to the plasma starting. Once the cutting sequence has started you will see that the torch lowers quickly and then slows as it detects the plate, once the plate is found a sensor tells the torch to raise to its pierce height and initiate the pilot arc.

Do you offer training?

We offer installation and training on all machines covering mechanical, software, safety and maintenance. Training is delivered onsite at customer premises following delivery and installation of the machine. Additional training both remote and onsite with one of our expert engineers can be purchased at any time.

What ongoing technical support is offered?

We offer 12 months online and telephone support for all customers and additional training days can be purchased at any time.

Do you offer machine demonstrations and sample cuts?

We can offer demonstrations at our factory in Hereford at any time and can also supply sample cuts from personal drawings. Please use the contact us page on our website or contact us on 01432 809 809 to make arrangements.

I have other questions.

We’re always here to help. Contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to assist.